Bookkeeping and Accounting Time Consuming? Use our Efficient Service

Looking to hire an accounting employee, manager or consultant who has extensive public accounting experience, financial knowledge, is a CPA, and does not require a lot of training?

Rather than going through the long, hard hiring process for a new part-time or full-time accountant, we’ve got a better idea:


We provide a variety of outsourced functions that can take the workload off your accounting practice and help you maintain independence with your clients.

Let us take on the time-consuming support work – whether it’s financial statement prep, audit support or bookkeeping.

Financial Statements

We will support your clients by:

• Reconciling the accounts
• Analyzing the G/L and make recommendations for any adjustments
• Preparing their financial statements and notes as required

…and we’ll carry out detailed research into any complex accounting issue.

We’re on hand to assist whenever you may need our help with your financial statement work.

Audit Support

We will:

• Help your audit work go much more quickly
• Perform a pre-audit review
• Prepare audit schedules
• Assist your clients during fieldwork to help them respond to audit requests

…and we’ll help wrap up anywhere you need us to.

Best of all, we know how an audit works, so we’ll make sure everything is ready for a smooth and efficient audit.


Bookkeeping can be an arduous and frustrating process not only for your clients, but also for you!

We can:

• Take on your clients’ bookkeeping function
• Review bank reconciliations
• Provide monthly management reports
• Free up your clients’ time
• Free up your own time

…this will help you to maintain your independence on your audits.

Our experience

We are fully experienced CPAs with the ability to focus on working with you – in order to save you time and help you maintain your independence.

We are happy for you to take care of the typical accounting and tax work – we are not a threat to other accountants – but we’d be glad to make your job easier with the experience we have.

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Could you benefit from some outsourced help?

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