We work with exceptional strategic partners who are experts in their field.

We have a whole page about “who we are not,” because we are not your typical tax accountants.

But this does not mean you have to get help elsewhere. We have built partnerships and strategic alliances to ensure that we are delivering exactly what you need, all in one place.

  • Tax Specialists

    Tax Specialists

    If you specialize in tax, or specific areas of taxes, we may be able to use your expert advice.  Some of our clients have unique tax issues for which we get outside help.

  • Auditors


    If you or your firm performs audits, you will be happy to discover that our clients always get a pre-audit review – which makes performing the audit much simpler and more straightforward for you. We do not perform audits ourselves, but we are always happy to connect with those who do it well.

  • Attorneys


    If unique legal issues  arise for our clients, they often ask us for a competent attorney who can assist them. Talk to us if you have expertise in:

    o Partnerships
    o Partnership agreements
    o Profit and loss statements
    o Trust accounts

Grow your business and develop professional relationships … with HMFRS.
Partner With Us


We know what we do well, and we trust the partners we work with when they are excellent in their respective roles. If you are interested in connecting with us to  help our clients with issues in one of these areas, please get in touch.