Mastering your payroll with Zen Payroll

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One of the useful apps we recommend to our clients with employees is ZenPayroll.

As the name suggests, using this app software means that your payroll goes from a complex, difficult task to a place of quiet and peace. You will become the Zen Master of your payroll…without even trying.

How ZenPayroll makes you the master of your payroll

Here are a few key highlights about ZenPayroll, why we recommend it, and what you get when you use it:

  • Easy setup: Everything is explained simply and easily, and is organized in a way that you (or your staff) can understand.
  • Excellent support: There’s a very high level of service, especially considering the low price and the simplicity of the program.
  • Employee onboarding: You can invite employees to enter personal information themselves (social security numbers, tax withholding preferences, benefits etc.), requiring less time from you or your HR staff.
  • Auto pilot payments: Once setup is complete, payroll runs automatically, and employees are paid by direct deposit – no more paychecks, paperwork, or fuss. Paystubs are sent via email.
  • Employee login: After setup, your employees have an online account where they can manage and access paystubs, charitable donations, and other information at any time.
  • Payroll taxes filed: Your state and federal payroll taxes are filed and paid for you, including end of year forms such as W-2s. Yet another opportunity to reduce paperwork, filling in forms, sending checks, or more time from your HR staff or management team.
  • Contractor payments & 1099 forms: Work with contractors – there is no extra cost to generate 1099 forms at the end of the year. ZenPayroll automatically takes care of this, and files them with your payroll taxes.
  • Software integrations: ZenPayroll integrates with other key business software programs such as QBO, TSheets, Receipt Bank, and Xero.

With all those reasons, why would you keep using an outdated system?

If you have any questions about how ZenPayroll could work for your business, let us know.