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  • Loan Agreements


    There are many financial aspects to a loan agreement which require your attention before signing the agreement. Most loan agreements consist of standard legal verbiage; dates, loan amounts, definition of terms, etc. Here are four financial areas that you need to pay attention to: 1) Accounting Basis Most loan agreements require the accounting records to […]

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  • Top 6 Reasons You May Need An Audit

    Loan Applications

    The primary reasons you want an audit is not to verify whether fraud exists, or to make sure your bookkeeper is doing your accounting correctly. Rather, the purpose of an audit is to (ahem): “To obtain a CPA’s opinion as to whether the financial statements are presented fairly with respect to GAAP (generally accepted accounting […]

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  • Does your auditor understand your business?

    Auditors are required to understand your business; it is a standard of their profession. But do they really understand it? Perhaps the audit firm itself has experience in your industry – and maybe the partner in charge does too. But how about the senior auditor and the junior auditors who spend the majority of the […]

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  • How to Create a “Professional Pitch” for Your Business Idea

    How to create a Professional Pitch

    Do you have a great new concept or business idea you are working on? Do you know how you will present it to other people, businesses, customers or venture capitalists? Why not learn how to put together a professional pitch to share with your prospects or colleagues? A professional pitch sums up your idea and […]

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